Rules & Regulations

      For everyone's pleasure and convenience the following information will acquaint you with the amenities and recreations. For everyone's safety and enjoyment please help us maintain the quality of your accommodations by observing the following procedures:
  1. Sign up for grills at the gazebo. No double booking by multi-unit renter groups.
  2. Pool Hours: 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Large floats and large inner tubes are not permitted in the pool. Running and throwing of objects are not allowed in the pool area. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult or babysitter. Bathing Load is 23. Please read rules posted on pool deck.
  3. Parking: Renters and guests of owners may park in unmarked spaces only. No boats or trailers or RV'S allowed. Only 2 cars per unit allowed! No exceptions!
  4. Do not hang towels, bathing suits, etc. over balcony railings or pool fence. Do not place bicycles, beach gear, etc. on any entrance or walkways. All items found will be disposed of.
  5. Any items left on the beach or boarwalk will be disposed of. No tents allowedon the beach at any time!
  6. Parents are responsible for controlling their children. Oerating elevators as a game or using them unnecessarily, boisterous behavior, running along corridors and other common areas will not be tolerated. Children under 8 years of age should be accompanied by adults on the outside of the units.
  7. Balcony sliding glass doors are to be kept closed - if not, automatic equipment will cause tha A/C to freeze up and stop working and you will responsible for arty charges.
  8. Blade, board, roller skating, skateboarding or bicycling is not allowed on Aegean property.
  9. A fresh water shower is located by the boardwalk, and the pool please wash off sand and saltwater from apparel and beach equipment prior to entering the pool area, elevators or unit. Do not enter elevators dripping wet ..Remember to turn water off.
  10. No Littering - Please help us keep your vacation home attractive. Dispose of garbage in East or West dumpster next to the tennis courts. Trash found outside of units will be placed back inside the unit.
  11. No pets allowed!
  12. All ball, frisbee/throwing and kicking games, etc. shall only be played on the South sides of buildings #1 and #5.
  13. Must be 25 or older to rent a unit. 1 adult to every 3 persons under 25. Immediate eviction if you are found misrepresenting your age. Adults must stay on property with guest under age 25.
  14. The condominium management and staff is not involved in the rental management of rental units. If you require any assistance, please contact your rental agent.
  15. Only 2 cars per unit will be allowed on property, no exceptions!

Aegean Condominium Rules of Behavior for Common Areas:

  • No yelling or loud talking across courtyard from balcony
  • No hanging of beach/bath towels from balcony
  • No tossing of articles, toys, cigarettes or cigarette butts, etc. from balcony

  • Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times
  • No food or drink allowed in pool
  • No glass on pool deck
  • Pool opens at 9:00 am and closes at 10:00 pm

  • No crossing dunes to access beach
  • No Tents of ANY type are allowed on beach
  • No placing umbrellas, chairs or other items in front of beach service chairs/umbrellas
  • Personal items must be cleared by sunset - Any items left on beach, boardwalk or under boardwalk will be disposed of.

Gazebo & Courtyard
  • Sign-up sheets for grills are at gazebo - No double booking by multiple - unit renter groups
  • No ball playing in central courtyard. No bouncing balls on condo walls. Children may not play in stairways, walkways or elevators.

Parking and Tennis Courts
  • Tennis Courts are on a "First-come, First-Serve "basis and subject to managers control
  • Parking designated for "Owners" means owners only, not owners guests or renters CI All vehicles must display parking pass issued by office
  • Maximum two vehicles per unit - No exceptions; No boats, trailers or RV's permitted on property

Other Aegean Rules
  • No loud music in any common area - beach, pool, gazebo or balconies
  • Driveways and walkways must be kept clear of all items, items left will be disposed of, except for trash, it will be put back in unit.
  • Renters are not permitted to have pets - Owners only
  • Renters may not invite guests to use beach, pool, tennis courts or other Aegean amenities. 11 Profanity, illegal drugs and public intoxication will not be tolerated.
  • No firearms are allowed on Aegean Property
Remember, the Aegean observes a "quiet time" from 10:00 Pm to 8:00 Am. There can be no undue noises or behavior from any of the common areas or units that create a disturbance or annoyance for others.